Åke Brattberg, Maker

Åke Brattberg is something of a Maker.

He ♡ working on SaaS businesses through his company, House of Brattberg.

Want to learn more about Åke? Of course you do. Start with taking a look at all those wonderful recommendations at LinkedIn. So nice of them. Like most, he is also to be found at Facebook and Twitter.

After some world exploration he is now back in his hometown Falköping. He is a drummer, dreamer and perhaps also an artist.

He is currently working on ProductVoice and B6 Cowork and before that, Statbot (Acquired), Opbeat (Acquired), Burt and more... He is also working for Tendium as CDO.

There are some old shots at Dribbble. He sometimes codes, and that happens over at GitHub.